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The Kingdom Of Heaven Within...Free-Flow Hymn...StressBuster Meditation

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Kingdom Of Heaven Within
The Stress-Buster

Thus far, the best explanation I have come across, for how Sanskrit Mantra works, comes from Thomas Ashley-Farrand, the author of 'Mantra, Sacred Words of Power'
In this fabulous audio-tape set, he explains that by using a mantra, by virtue of repeating it, the vibrations from it permeate your entire being, and overcome all the current vibrations that you may be subject to, thus diminishing them and their corresponding thoughts, thus silencing the mind.
I believe, that, because of this, the mind kicks into the 'Alpha Brainwave' state.
This Alpha brainwave state,  as told by 70's bio-feedback expert and author, Jesse Stearns, produces miraculous results. Simply introduce your desires at this level, and then, get the heck out of the way! as Nature goes to work for you.
Could it be, oh kindest people, that this is the state described by Jesus as 'The Kingdom of Heaven within', and is where you may introduce your desires, through prayer, chanting, visualization, affirmations, etc, etc?...
Yes, Oh Kindest People! Jesus may have been talking about this. "Seek Ye first The Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall come to you."
Furthermore, as Lord Krisna said 60,000 moons ago, " Even a little of this dharma (activity), delivers from great fear." And so, by silencing the mind's thoughts, using the techniques offered here, fearful thoughts will diminish as well, so I believe that Lord Krisna was referring to these techniques.
Meditation is generally accepted as as way to have peace of mind, greater clarity of thinking, expanded mental capabilities, and ultimate attainment of enlightenment. I have been meditating an average of two hours a day for twenty-five years now.
Many scientific tests have been conducted that show the benefits of meditation although they have somehow eluded me.
I realize that time is precious for most, and I know some of you may not see any value in spending time in meditation. That's alright too. Just bring these words along with you and whenever you are stressed, just read the words out loud or in silence and feel the effect.
This new technique that I have just received thru the Magnetic Pendulum, is still very young. Established 2001. I personally have found it to be really great. 
This new technique is an action mantra. It gives the order "Let's roll!" and, in much the same way that Santa calls out each of his reindeer, as he sets out to deliver the Christmas presents, so it is with this technique in that you call on each energy channel to get moving.
Please let my twenty-five years of experience in meditation and other related activities as well as the God's Algorithm Phenomena be your assurance that this knowledge that I have received from the Spirits is really great!

Jesus also said, “Seek ye first, The Kingdom of Heaven...and all things will come to you.”

He also said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” And to reach it, He said, “Repent, for The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” which means, according to the ancient text, Yoga Vashishtha, meditate, because that is how you will get to the Kingdom.

Here are some the Sanskrit words that I came up with using the magnetic pendulum  
‘Tanoti, Asvasah, Jayate, Pingala, Ida, Shushumna and Kundalini’
-Tanoti-Pronounced...Tah...Naw...Tee... and which means ‘to extend or stretch’... as in stretching the spiritual physiology  for  an  easier  flow.  Actually this words is most highly recommended by the Spirits, even just by itself...The Spirits say that it is a most powerful mantra.

-Asvasah-Pronounced...Awsh...Vwaw...Sah...and which means, ‘to breathe freely, comfort, optimism’  This word induces relaxation and free-flowing circulation of your life-force, prana, chi.

-Jayate-Pronounced ...Jaw...Yah...Tay...and which means ‘to arise, become, be born’ for arousing your kundalini energies located at the base of the spine, and also, to arouse your spiritual physiology to fluff up, and also to arouse your life force, prana, chi into circulation.
      -Pingala-pronounced...Peen...Gah...lah...and which means which refers to the female current that travels through your chakras                                                  
-Ida-Pronounced ...eed...dah....and which refers to the male current that travels through your chakras                                                                                                                                                 
-Shushumna-pronounced...shoo...shoom...nah...and which refers to yet another current that travels up the spine
-Kundalini- Pronounced ...Koon...Dah...Lee...Nee and which refers to the spiritual energy reserves located at the base of the spine
For beginners, try just one word a week, and eventually, add another and then another until you have them all fully memorized.
There is actually no need to be consciously aware of the meaning of the words, as the work is done sub-consciously by your spiritual physiology for itself. Just freely maintain neutrality as you repeat these words and let your mind be at ease. 

 Also, the words are in Sanskrit, and the vibrations of the Sanskrit language resonate on your chakras, furthering you on in your evolution. A good analogy may be, therapeutic massage for the body, whereby, it must be what Sanskrit vibrations do for the spiritual body.  Learn all that you can about this world’s oldest language, the language of the spiritual world, the root of all language. Your prayers are more powerful in Sanskrit. May I recommend the book, ‘Healing Mantras’ by Thomas Ashley Farrand... ‘’ which explains the power of Sanskrit in sufficient detail

 Sanskrit is a language of incredible power, so go at it slowly, at first to allow yourself to get comfortable with it. 

 As I have been meditating and engaged in other spiritual practices for twenty-five years, I feel qualified to say that this new knowledge that I have just received, shows great promise. The Spirits have told me that this is the most powerful technique in the world. Fortunately for you, however, the proof is in the pudding,  so you don’t have to take my word for it. The way, that I was recommended by the Spirits, to use these words is as such....

(You may repeat it out loud. but it is best used in the silence of meditation, by repeating it mentally. Also, it is more powerful when sung (all mothers know how well that works on babies) in your silence of
meditation. Going up the musical scale and making each count last at a comfortable pace....)

Tah is ‘f (one count)
Naw is ‘a’ (one count)
Tee is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is ‘d’ (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)

Awsh is ‘f’ (one count)
Vwah is ‘a’ (one count)
Sah is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)
Peen is ‘f’ (one count)
Gah is ‘a’ (one count)
lah is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)
eeh is ‘f’ (one count)
dah is ‘a’ (one count)
yah is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)
shoo is ‘f’ (one count)
shoom is ‘a’ (one count)
nah is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)
Koon is ‘f’ (one count)
Dah is ‘a’ (one count)
Lee is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Nee is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)

-Alternate these five verses each in turn. Repeat this set for five minutes. Enjoy this technique anytime. When you awake, before each meal, when you are stressed, when you can't sleep...
If you want to, you may increase the session by five more minutes as you are getting more comfortable with this. Up to thirty five minutes, according to the Magnetic Pendulum. You  may want to blaze a trail and do more.
Follow it up with prayers
"Seek Ye first The Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall come to you."
After you have completed your meditation, do your prayers in whatever form that you like. Visualization, chanting, praying to your favorite Saint or Deity.

Another way to use these words
is to intertwine one repetition of just the words (no singing) between each prayer request.

-May I recommend this following method...‘Dishtyaw Dayvwah’ (thank you, God) and ‘Artham’ (for) and then your request and then ‘tahnawtee, awshvwawsah, jawyahtay, peengahlah, eedah, shooshoomnah, koondahleenee ’ and then repeat.

This knowledge, which is my happy duty to pass along to you, came to me in a very special way which I will share with you in my challenging book...‘An Eternal Love-Letter to the Girls of Freakie Fries’... Please visit my web-site at ‘’ for more information about me and the various activities I am engaged in.

 Please feel free to share this technique with others. You have my permission to photocopy this sheet and hand it out. The Spirits want to enlighten the world with this.
Thank you for the sublime pleasure to enlighten you. Thank You, God.
Sincerely and Lovingly
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese